Ecology (Rice University; Fall 2019) — Upper-division undergraduate course in ecology (Primary instructor).

Population and Community Ecology (UC Berkeley; Fall 2015) — Upper-division undergraduate course in ecology (TA).

Vertebrate Natural History (UC Berkeley; Spring 2013 & 2015) — Upper-division undergraduate natural history course consisting of weekly lectures, laboratories, and field trips (TA).

Intro. Biology Lab Curriculum Development (UC Berkeley; Fall 2014) — Led the development of a new two-day laboratory exercise for the ecology section of the introductory biology course. During this course I developed two web-based platforms for illustrating complex population dynamics.

Predator-Prey app / Competition-Predator-Prey app

Mammalogy (UC Berkeley; Spring 2011 & 2014) — Upper-division course on mammalian evolution, ecology, and behavior consisting of lectures, labs, and field trips (Primary lab instructor and TA).

Intro. Biology Laboratory (UC Berkeley; Fall 2010 & Spring 2016) — Lower-division lab course introducing students to ecology, evolution, and botany (TA).

Workshop on Generalized Linear Models in R (KMUTT, Thailand; Summer 2011) — Two-week long workshop on generalized linear (mixed) models taught to Thai graduate students and wildlife professionals.